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Drivers that are traveling along Oklahoma's roads and highways will notice many construction zones; these areas can very dangerous for drivers and workers alike. It is not uncommon for collisions to occur in construction zones. According to the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office, in 2011, nearly 2,000 crashes occurred in work zones. These accidents injured 675 people, with some of the accident victims suffering incapacitating injuries.

If you or a loved one was injured in a construction zone accident, you may be eligible to seek legal action against the negligent party. Contact an experienced Oklahoma auto accident attorney to learn about the legal rights available to injury victims.

For additional information about filing a construction zone accident lawsuit, contact a Tulsa personal injury lawyer by calling 1-800-304-9246.

Causes of Construction Zone Auto Accidents

The number of injuries and fatalities caused by construction zone auto accidents could be reduced if more motorists were aware about the dangers of these accidents. Some factors that could result in a construction zone collision include excessively speeding, disregarding traffic signs, signals or traffic directions and distracted driving.

Exceeding the Speed Limit in a Construction Zone

One of the most common factors in a construction zone accident is speeding. Typically, the flow of construction zone traffic is stop-and-go and the zones leave workers vulnerable to the passing cars. Speed limits in construction zones are meant to keep workers and drivers safe.

Individuals that disobey the speed limits in construction zones are at risk of being fined double the amount of a normal traffic offense.

Disobeying Temporary Traffic Signs, Traffic Directions or Caution Signals

A driver that is impatient or distracted may disregard the posted construction signs, traffic directors or caution signals, putting themselves and the construction workers in harms way. The purpose of the signs is to warn motorists about the approaching road conditions or detours.

Merging Issues

When a driver merges at a high speed or merges late he/she can cause a construction zone accident. Generally, the lane width and the number of lanes available are reduced from their usual size in construction zones. When a driver operates their vehicle in a negligent manner while merging into traffic, they are risk of causing a rear-end accident or side impact crash.

Drivers Distracted in a Construction Zone

Motorists that are distracted or inattentive pose a threat to workers in construction zones. Its not unusual for construction zones to have slow-moving vehicles that work on the side of the road. Occasionally, these vehicles may move into a drivers path, so its important for to be alert at all times to avoid a collision. Additionally, construction vehicles have large blind spots that make it difficult to see other motor vehicles on the road. Construction machinery can be hard to maneuver or stop suddenly, if dangerous situation occurs.

Contact a Tulsa Construction Zone Accident Attorney

Construction accidents are huge problem throughout the United States. In the last five years, 200,000 people were injured in construction zone auto accidents. If you or a family member has suffered an injury in a construction zone accident, you may be eligible for legal and financial recourse. Contact a car accident lawyer at The Edwards Law Firm to discuss your legal options.

Our attorneys have the knowledge and resources to successfully litigate all types of auto accident cases, including construction zone accidents. Over the years, our legal team has helped numerous clients obtain favorable outcomes for their legal claims.

To schedule a free legal consultation in regards to your construction zone auto accident, call our experienced attorneys today at 1-800-304-9246.

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