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2,300 Flights Cancelled By Airlines

This morning over 2,300 flights were cancelled as another winter storm ravaged the East Coast including Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York. In fact, all flights into and out of Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport have been halted… Read More

Statute of Limitations May Be Approaching for Granuflo & NaturaLyte Cases

In March 2012, Granuflo and NaturaLyte were recalled by Fresenius Medical Care when a spike in product liability lawsuits were filed after dialysis patients suffered cardiac arrest or sudden death during treatment. Across the nation there are hundreds… Read More

Old Betsy Took the Roads Today in History

On this day in auto history, the first Dodge was completed by John and Horace Dodge; the vehicle was named Old Betsy.  After completing the vehicle, the brothers took Old Betsy for a test drive throughout the streets of Detroit, Michigan, before shipping… Read More

Tulsa Police Department Testing for Future Saliva Tests

The Tulsa Police Department has begun testing new equipment will indicate if an individual has been using illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, or meth amphetamine. Currently, it takes blood tests hours to weeks to determine if an individual was using… Read More

Oklahoman's Encouraged to Keep Cool

Temperatures throughout Oklahoma have slowly been creeping into the 90s while the heat index in some locations has reached 99 degrees. The American Red Cross has begun encouraging residents to keep cool as temperatures continue to rise. According to… Read More

Oklahoma Tornado's Precautions

There is no denying the recent tragedy that occurred in Oklahoma, as a tornado swept through the state destroying everything in its path, both injuring and killing grownups and children. A tornado is defined as a rotating column of air that is in contact… Read More

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