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Deadly 2012 Train Crash Caused by Driver’s Poor Eyesight | Edwards Law Firm

Posted on behalf of Edwards Law Firm on Jun 19, 2013 in Industry News

The cause of the train collision in Goodwell, Oklahoma last year that killed three Union Pacific crew members has finally been identified. After an extensive investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board the formal cause of the collision is bad eyesight.

According to Dr. Mary Pat McKay the driver on board the eastbound train at the time of the collision had complained that his eyesight fluctuated from day to day and he often had trouble distinguishing red and green lights on trackside signals.

Furthermore, according to Dr. McKay, the driver suffered from cataracts and glaucoma and in the three years leading to the crash he had visited the eye doctor approximately 50 times.

Investigators have proposed 16 new safety recommendations including frequent medical exams for employees in safety-sensitive positions and the development of a peer-to-peer program that will boost workplace safety.

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