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Dog Bite Leaves Couple Seriously Injured

Posted on behalf of Edwards Law Firm on Sep 10, 2013 in Personal Injury

An Edmond man has shot and killed his dog after it reportedly viciously attacked his wife. According to a police report, the couple had four dogs, two of which got into a fight in the kitchen, another hid in the closet, and the fourth was outside.

At one point, the dogs that were fighting turned on tier owner as she attempted to stop the dogs from fighting. The woman was bitten intensely on her head, hands, and arms.

In order to protect his wife, the man grabbed a gun, shot and killed one of the dogs. The man also has injuries on his hands and arms. One of the dogs that were fighting went missing, while the couple was rushed to OU Medical Center for trauma care.

Unfortunately, each year thousands of United States citizens are injured and killed by dog bites, while hundreds of others seek medical attention for their injuries. Furthermore, the majority of these dog bite victims are children accounting for 60 percent of all dog bite injuries.

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