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Hit and Run Causes Massive Damages in Coweta

Posted on behalf of Edwards Law Firm on Oct 08, 2013 in Auto Accidents

Coweta police have arrested a woman accused of striking and damaging a business during a hit and run incident which occurred in September.

The woman is being accused of driving her SUV and causing extensive damages to a bakery in downtown Coweta. Police reports indicate that the woman had jumped the curb, struck a light pole, metal trash can, newspaper stand, dining table, and multiple chairs.

Police officers followed a fluid trail from the woman back to a residence where the SUV had extreme damage to the front end, which matched to striking the light pole. There was also a green trash can pinned to the front bumper and a reverse imprint of Coweta American on the passenger side bumper.

The woman admitted that she was driving the vehicle and did not to know what to do after she crashed the vehicle, so continued to go home.

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