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Semi-Truck Accident Caused by Cargo Shift | The Edwards Law Firm

Posted on behalf of Edwards Law Firm on Jun 27, 2013 in Truck Accidents

On June 26, 2013 a truck turning off of Highway 40 overturned on the 440 overpass exit. According to the driver the trucks load shifted as she took the curve causing the large truck to turn onto its side. Part of the semi hung above traffic on the overpass.

For much of the afternoon the exit was closed causing other truck drivers who regularly use the exit to get stuck in traffic. State police helped the drivers back out of the exit in order to redirect them to another highway exit. Crews on the scene had to wait for a crane to drag the truck, loaded with 45,000 pounds of glass, off the overpass and to a nearby tow truck.

The truck driver suffered minor cuts and injuries and was transported to the hospital as a precaution.

It is up to truck drivers to regularly check their cargo to ensure that it is properly secured thus preventing such an accident from occurring. The Federal Motor Carrier has a set of laws concerning cargo securement including that the cargo weight be properly distributed.

Unsecured cargo and cargo load shit are just one of the many causes of large truck accidents in Arkansas. If you or a loved one has been injured in a large truck accident due to driver negligence, the victim may be entitled to compensation. Contact an experienced Tulsa injury attorney at The Edwards Law Firm by calling  1-800-304-9246 to learn more about your legal rights. 

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