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Oklahoma Rocked by Tornado's, Earthquakes

Posted on behalf of Edwards Law Firm on Dec 15, 2014 in General News

tornadoes, earthquakes in unusual stormsSunday was a dramatic day for many Oklahoman's as the state was hit by a tornado as well as multiple earthquakes.

Severe thunderstorms moved across the state on Sunday, bringing with them hail the size of golf balls and at least one tornado.

The national weather service confirmed that an EF0 tornado touched down near Lake Arcadia, Oklahoma, just after 5 p.m. This is the first time a tornado has been recorded in December since recordkeeping began in 1950. Another tornado was spotted, but not confirmed, near Apache earlier in the day.

The same day as the storm, at least eight earthquakes were recorded in Oklahoma in the area of Pawnee and Perry. The quakes ranged from a magnitude 2.8 earthquake southeast of Pawnee to a magnitude 4.2 quake near Cherokee.  

Earthquakes of less than a 4.0 magnitude are considered light or minor. Though the earthquakes did not cause any major damage, they were likely noticed by people in the affected areas. Earthquakes in the 4.0 magnitude tend to cause noticeable shaking of indoor objects, and items may be knocked off shelves.

Unusual or unexpected weather phenomena can make it difficult to drive safely. If you get caught in a storm, always pull over if conditions get too dangerous for driving. Slow down, and remember to turn on your headlights to make it easier for others to see you.

If you were injured by a driver who was distracted by a storm, or driving unsafely for conditions, the attorneys at The Edwards Law Firm can help.

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