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Information About Careless Driving

The Colorado State University Student Legal Services defines careless driving as Any person who drives any motor vehicle, bicycle, or motorized bicycle in a careless and imprudent manner, without due regard for the width, grade, curves, corners, traffic, and use of streets and highways and all other attendant circumstances.

Throughout 2012, the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety reported a total of 54,873 crashes, 1,644 incapacitating injuries, and 228 fatalities. As if these numbers werent alarming enough, the United States Federal Government recorded a total of 32,367 auto accident fatalities throughout 2011, while m any of these crashes, injuries, and fatalities were caused by a careless driver.

At The Edwards Law Firm, our Tulsa auto accident attorneys have a great amount of sympathy for the victims and families of those injured in an accident, as family members often suffer emotionally and financially following a car accident injury. Our attorneys have also won millions in successful settlements and verdicts for our clients and have the resources and experience to bring you justice today.

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Common Forms of Careless Driving

When a driver decides to make an action which puts others in the surrounding area at risk, they have performed careless driving. These actions may be avoided by drivers practicing defensive driving techniques and obeying all rules of the road. Of course, not all drivers recognize their careless actions and may result in an accident.

Some common forms of careless driving include:

  • Excessive speeding
  • Failing to yield
  • Following too closely
  • Improper turning
  • Incorrect lane changes
  • Not indicating a turn
  • Not stopping for emergency vehicles
  • Not stopping for school bus stop signs
  • Running a red light
  • Running a stop sign
  • Stopping in an intersection
  • Stopping on railroad tracks
  • Turning in front of another vehicle

There are several other actions a driver may take which may be considered to be a careless action, while there are a few ways to avoid these sorts of actions.

How to Avoid Driving Carelessly

Many times law enforcement officials will define reckless driving similar to that of careless driving; however the penalties will most likely be the same for these drivers. These penalties may consist of license suspension, jail time, and license revocation.

Some ways to avoid driving carelessly include:

  • Always look and listen for emergency vehicles
  • Always use your turn signal
  • Avoid talking on the phone
  • Follow all traffic laws
  • Get adequate rest before driving
  • Never drink and drive
  • Never speed
  • Never text and drive
  • Obey all signs and signals

Often times, when people are driving for long periods of time, they may suffer from fatigued driving. This can cause drivers to perform careless driving weather they realize it or not. Therefore, it is always recommended to get adequate sleep before driving.

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