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Dental Injuries From Auto Accidents

In 2011, there were 36,327 people injured motor vehicle accidents throughout the state, according to the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office. Vehicle occupants will sometimes sustain dental injuries, such as temporomandibular joint (TMJ) issues in high-impact crashes. These types of injuries are often overlooked, when passengers sustain more severe injuries.

The whipping effect that occurs during an auto accident can injure an occupants neck, jaw, head, mouth or face. Individuals can suffer serious injuries facial and dental without a direct blow to the head or face.

If you or a family member has suffered a dental injury in a car collision due to the negligent actions of another, you may have grounds for legal action. Contact a Tulsa personal injury lawyer today to learn about the legal rights available to injury victims.

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 Types of Dental Injuries

Dental injuries can be classified into two groups: direct and indirect injuries. When the mouth or head is struck or gets struck by an object this considered to be a direct injury. Indirect injuries occur when an open mouth is shut abruptly, resulting in the bottom teeth being crushed into the upper teeth.

Vehicle occupants tend to suffer three types of dental injuries in vehicle crashes:

  • Avulsed Tooth- When a tooth is completely displaced from its socket is referred to as an avulsed tooth. After a tooth has been knocked out, its imperative not to pick it up at the roots. To give the tooth its best chance of survival, immediately put the knocked out tooth in a plastic container with milk, saliva or a saline solution. However, if a tooth has been out for over two hours, there is little chance that it can be replanted.
  • Luxated Tooth- This type of dental injury happens when the tooth has been loosened, but not completely knocked out. Luxated teeth can move frontwards, backwards and side-to-side. Generally, a luxated tooth is treated by having a dentist reposition the tooth into its original location. The dentist will stabilize the tooth using a flexible splint.
  • Fractured Teeth- Dentists have four classifications for fractured teeth, which are categorized by the number of layers that are involved in the injury.  Treatment for fractured teeth will vary, depending on the type of fracture that has occurred.

Filing a Lawsuit for Your Dental Injury

Dental Injury Lawyers in TulsaIf you or a loved one has suffered a dental injury from car crash, you may be entitled to compensation. Accident victims may be able to recover damages for dental bills, lost wages and other losses associated with the accident. At The Edwards Law Firm, we advise all accident victims that have sustained dental trauma from a motor vehicle crash to seek legal guidance.

Oftentimes, injured individuals are unaware of their legal rights and options following an accident. An experienced auto accident attorney can review the facts of your accident and recommend to the best course of action to pursue.

Our attorney and staff have the knowledge and experience to handle all types of auto accident cases. We have successfully litigated numerous auto accident cases in Oklahoma.

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