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Elder Abuse Information

An elder abuse lawyer in our firm is dedicated to providing personal and professional service. An understanding, compassionate attorney will help you understand your legal options. Call us now if you, an elderly family member, or a friend has suffered any type of elderly abuse:

  • Physical or neglect
  • Sexual
  • Psychological or emotional
  • Financial

Trust an elder abuse lawyer in our firm to explain your legal options. Call us toll-free at 800-304-9246 for a free consultation.

man and woman discussing nursing home abuse lawyers

Call us if you have suspicions of if you have evidence of abuse. Call if you experienced the abuse yourself. The elderly have rights. Chief among them is the right to sue for money damages for injury or for wrongful death. Unfortunately, abuse of the elderly is a growing problem, making the work of an elder abuse lawyer a specialization. A US Senate committee on aging recently heard that state agencies are dealing with complex cases involving many types of abuse. Other than families, the following may be guilty of elder abuse:

  • Outside caregivers and home health aides
  • Private or government in-home aides
  • Nursing home staff
  • Visiting nurses
  • Assisted living staff
  • Elder transportation workers
  • Strangers
  • Service and delivery people
  • Hospital and clinic staff
  • Elder meal deliverers

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