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Child Injuries in Traffic Accidents

There is no worse nightmare for a parent than seeing their child injured or unthinkably, killed. When one of your children is hurt or dies because of someone else's negligence, the spectrum of emotions you suffer cannot be described.

Nearly 150 kids 19 and under are treated in emergency departments for injuries associated with traffic accidents each hour. The leading cause of injury-related death in kids 5 19 is motor vehicle accidents.

If your child has been hurt in a car accident, you are not alone. Although that fact may not ease your pain, you may have legal options that can help compensate you for the medical expenses and other costs of your child's care. At the Edwards Law Firm, our attorneys fight vehemently for innocent victims of child injuries in traffic accidents and will use all of our resources to bring your family justice.

Common Injuries to Children in Car Accidents

Children are vulnerable especially as a passenger in a motor vehicle. According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), kids seated in the front of a car are twice as likely to sustain an incapacitating injury in a frontal crash, and rollovers are most likely to lead to such trauma.

Common child injuries in traffic accidents include:

  • Child Car Seats

Even when a child is secured properly in their car seat, they can be injured due to defects in the product. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), over 1,800 children aged 2 8 were estimated to be injured by child car seats without being in a motor vehicle accident. When these notoriously defective products are involved in a crash, the child in the seat can be catastrophically injured.

  • Seatback Failure

In some circumstances, a seat back can collapse in even low-impact scenarios, due to poor design. When this happens, it has the potential to cause fatal injuries to small children.

  • Seat Belt Damage

Seatbelts are not designed for childrens' bodies, and while they can prevent death in many accident scenarios, they can also cause injuries such as bruises and abrasions. Seatbelt injuries are especially common when the seatbelt has a design defect.

  • Airbag Injuries

Another safety device that has a tendency to cause harm is the airbag. Airbags, especially those in the front seats, can cause serious damage to a child. The rapid rate of deployment and the site of impact, usually a child's head, are factors that can lead to an airbag injury.

  • Brain Injuries

Even minor accidents can cause brain injuries in children, especially when they aren't properly seated or restrained. Brain injuries can cause speech problems, learning disabilities and even paralysis.

  • Spinal Cord Injuries

One of the most tragic injuries to children, aside from wrongful death, is spinal cord damage. Spinal cord injuries often lead to partial or total paralysis, taking away a child's ability to enjoy life in the same way as his peers and requiring a level of adaptation that can be hard to adjust to for both the child and his family members.

Other Auto-Related Injuries to Children

Children don't have to be in a car crash to be hurt. Some non-traffic-related accidents that can cause injuries to children include:

  • Defective car windows: despite safety features, children can get caught in a closing window, potentially getting their circulation cut off or choking. Sadly, many children choke before they are able to be rescued.
  • Vehicle trunks: Children have a way of getting themselves into unusual places, and the trunk of your car is no exception. Kids sometimes lock themselves into a trunk, potentially suffering heat injuries or a lack of oxygen.
  • Accidental run-over: heartbreakingly, children are sometimes backed over or run over due to a lack of visibility. This is likely to happen in driveways or parking lots.
  • Brake shift interlock failure: when cars do not have a brake shift interlock or the safety device fails, a child can be run-over or, if playing inside the car, shift the car into gear and cause an accident.

If one of your kids has been injured in one of these auto-related accidents, you could be entitled to compensation. Your child deserves all of the medical options available to him or her, and any negligent parties that contributed to your child's injury should be held accountable. A child injury lawyer can give you the information you need to make an informed decision about your legal course of action. 

How Our Child Injury Lawyers Can Help

Child Accident Injury LawyersYou don't need to go through this alone. If your child was injured in a traffic accident, you deserve to know your legal rights and options. There is no reason you should suffer the additional burden of paying for medical care for injuries caused by another, especially in cases of permanent injury.

The Tulsa personal injury lawyers at the Edwards Law Firm provide the compassionate legal representation your family deserves, and the fierce determination to bring the negligent party in your accident to justice. Our child injury lawyers proudly serve parents in Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas through our five office locations.

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