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Psychological Injury

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder could affect up to 40% of accident victims in the year following trauma. A study of survivors in auto collisions severe enough to require medical treatment was conducted by 2 Albany-area doctors and published in 2003 by the American Psychological Association (APA). From auto accidents to nursing home abuse to medical malpractice, psychological injury can occur when a mental condition that resulted from some event proceeds to become the subject of a lawsuit.

The phrase is considered a legal term, and psychological injuries may or may not be accompanied by a diagnosable mental disorder, depending upon circumstances. The effects of the trauma may only last a few months, or could lead to permanent damage. The injury must have been caused by anothers negligence or malicious intent and can involve mental harm, impairment, damage or dysfunction.

Unfortunately, psychological injuries can lead to a permanent change in lifestyle. Often the damages one has sustained mentally are underestimated, as the course of diagnosis and treatment differs greatly from a physical injury.

If you or a loved one has suffered mental injury due to someone elses negligence, you may have grounds to seek legal recourse. The Edwards Law Firm defends the rights of all types of injury victims. We believe those responsible should be brought to justice.

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Symptoms of Damage to the Psyche

Mental distress and emotional anguish are no invention. Damage of a psychological nature is very common following a traumatic event. Even though symptoms of a psychological injury may not be physical, often those close to someone who has suffered such an injury will be able to tell that damage has occurred. In many cases, there is no telling whether symptoms will last for days, weeks or a lifetime.

Someone who has suffered psychological injuries may experience the following:

  • Unprovoked fear
  • Varying degrees of anxiety
  • Confusion/mental fogginess
  • Denial or disbelief
  • Despondent moods/hopelessness
  • Guilty feelings
  • Insomnia or sleep interruptions
  • Heightened heart rate
  • Fatigue
  • Tension in muscles
  • Withdrawal from loved ones

The way an accident victim will respond to a traumatic event can vary depending on a number of factors, including whether the person has suffered trauma previously. The symptoms listed above are common, but a number of others may present as well. Often, these symptoms will subside with time, but can remain latent, only to be triggered by sensory observations that remind the victim of the traumatic event such as natural disaster, sexual abuse or witnessing anothers death.

If you or someone you love has recently been involved in an accident and is experiencing one or all of the symptoms above, medical treatment is recommended, along with the advice of a lawyer.

Types of Psychological Injury

Psychological damage can be triggered in several ways, depending on the severity of the incident, the health of others involved and whether head injury was sustained. Such damage can be incapacitating, and lead to difficulty at work or school and challenges performing daily activities. In severe cases, a loss of wages, unemployment or disability and long-term medical treatment may result.

Some examples of psychological injuries include:

Treatment is important for those who have been inflicted with psychological trauma. Physical and psychological symptoms may be treated by a combination of physician care and mental health treatment. If a victim is planning to seek compensation, documentation of such treatments may be used as evidence in court.

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Damage of a mental nature can be devastating to the victim and their dependents.  Psychological injury is a delicate matter, and only a compassionate lawyer with expertise in litigating cases of mental anguish can give proper representation. The Edwards Law Firms personal injury attorneys have the experience you require.

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