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Road Hazard Accidents

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Statistics provided by the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office demonstrate that there were 4,731 total truck crashes throughout the state of Oklahoma in 2011.

As the United States Department of Transportation oversees the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which both monitor and oversee commercial vehicle travel throughout the country. They must assure our roadways are free from hazards to keep truckers and vehicles safe while traveling. Furthermore, there are additional road hazards these groups must be aware of to keep our trucks safe.

If you or a family member has been involved in a truck accident, our truck accident attorneys believe that the victim may be eligible to receive compensation for their losses and damages. Compensation benefits may include; loss of wages, medical expenses, property damage, pain and suffering, and funeral expenses.

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Types of Commercial Truck Road Hazards

Due to the large size of trucks, there are several commercial truck road hazards that every driver should be aware of. These hazards present dangers to the drivers, passenger vehicles, and pedestrians in the surrounding areas. Of course, by eliminating distractions and paying full attention to the surrounding environment, a truck driver can avoid these dangers.

Some types of commercial truck road hazards include:


Animals on the sides of the roads can be extremely unpredictable, thus most drivers try to avoid them by braking or swerving, which may result in an accident.


Children are also unpredictable, thus when a child happens to wonder into traffic, it is natural to avoid the child, which unfortunately may result in an accident.


Debris can be caused by construction, weather conditions, or a variety of different factors. Any debris that appears on the roadways can cause dangerous trucking conditions and raise the potential of an accident to occur.

Low Bridges

Low bridges are a danger for all truck drivers, thus it is imperative for each driver to recognize the height of every bridge and overpass along with the height of their truck to avoid a collision or further damage.

Narrow Roads

Narrow roads can present many dangerous situations when driving near a large truck. Thus, truck drivers must reduce their speed and pay close attention to other drivers.


Pedestrians should also be aware when crossing the road, unfortunately many people believe that trucks may not travel as fast as other vehicles, thus miscalculate their speed of travel. It should be noted that these large trucks have a reduced stopping time, and we should always let vehicles pass before walking across the road.


Potholes can cause a lot of trouble to trucks, especially depending on the size of the truck and the contents it is transporting.  Trucks may do everything they can to avoid potholes, sometimes resulting in an accident.

Weight Restrictions

Weight restrictions may be placed in certain areas where the road is not suitable for a large truck to travel. These trucks must pay attention for these areas and pay attention for an alternate direction when approaching a weight restricted area.

Of course, these are simply a few common commercial truck road hazards. Road hazards may occur under a number of different circumstances, which may result in an accident, injuries, or possible death.

Types of Injuries Caused by Road Hazards

A truck driver may do everything in their power to avoid an accident; unfortunately accidents may not avoid them. When a truck accident does occur it can cause severe damages and injuries to all individuals involved, as these vehicles can weigh up to 80,000 pounds on our roadways.

Some common injuries caused by road hazards include:

If you have been injured in a truck accident, it is imperative to seek medical attention immediately. Many injuries go unnoticed and can cause problems down the road, or sudden death. Furthermore, any medical documents obtained can be used by our attorneys to develop a case against these negligent individuals.

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