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An old, white, blue, and pink Recreational Vehicle driving up a mountain surrounded by trees and cliffs on a sunny dayRecreational vehicles (RV) are most often associated with summertime road-trips and camping; however, modern day RVs are now used for much more than the occasional road trip. Since the 1930s recreational vehicles have been used by all types of persons around the world.

According to the recreational vehicle industry association approximately 8.5 percent of American households own an RV which equates to more than 8.5 million recreational vehicles out on the road each year. Since 2005 the number of RVs has increased by nearly 8 percent and an additional 21 percent of American drivers intend to purchase an RV sometime in the future.

Recreational vehicles can be classified into three different categories:

  • Travel Trailer Attached and towed by another vehicle these are the most commonly owned type of recreational vehicle
  • Truck Campers Living space is attached to a pickup truck
  • Motor Homes Travel and living space are combined

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, more than 1,110 motor vehicle accidents involved pickup trucks and other unspecified trucks. In Oklahoma approximately 6.9 percent of all accidents involve a large truck. Due to the number of different types of RVs, the specific number of accidents involving these types of vehicles cannot be easily identified.

Being involved in an RV accident can be frightening as these types of vehicles often weighs thousands of pounds and depending on the size can weight double the amount of an average-sized vehicle. If you or a loved one has been hurt in an RV accident caused by a negligent driver, the victim may be entitled to compensation for property damage, medical bills, lost wages, and more.

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Most Common Causes of RV Accidents

The average recreational vehicle owner is just under 50 years old and the majority of owners have children under the age of 18 living at home. Although these are likely seasoned drivers, inexperience is a common cause of RV accidents. Drivers may not be used to driving vehicles that are so large or towing them behind their own vehicle. The lack of experience driving such a large type of truck can ultimately lead to disaster.

Some other common causes of RV accidents include:

As recreational vehicles are typically used as a home whether for small or long duration's, having too much cargo can lead to a tire blowout. Uneven distribution can cause an RV to tip over during sharp turns. Cargo in an RV can also be dangerous at the time of an accident as plates and cups may come out of the cupboards and even a television situated in a safe location can break and cause cuts and lacerations.

Types of Recreational Vehicle Collisions

In the state of Texas a commercial drivers license is needed for drivers who intend to tow a vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating of 10,000 pounds or more, or an RV over 26,000 pounds. In Arkansas and Oklahoma, and a majority of other states, no special licensing is needed to drive an RV.

As most anyone with a license can drive an RV, the possibility of an accident is greater for those who are not experienced driving larger vehicles. Some common types of accidents that involve RVs include:

Proper vehicle maintenance is very important as it could lead to dangerous situations such as a recreational vehicle fire or inability to brake properly. As some of these RVs travel hundreds of miles a day it is important that a driver upkeep the vehicle as best as possible to protect themselves and their fellow motorists.

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Encompassing hundreds of thousands of miles, Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma are well in the path of many motorists going on a road trip out west. The possibility of a collision with this type of vehicle is high as many more people decide to get behind the wheel of an RV. If you or a loved one has been hurt in an RV crash, the victim may be entitled to compensation.

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