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Truck Insurance Issues

Truck AccidentIf you have been involved in an Oklahoma truck accident, it is important that you consult with an experienced truck accident lawyer as soon as possible as there are many truck insurance issues that may be involved with your claim.

Truck accident insurance issues often make it difficult for truck injury victims to receive the compensation they deserve.

For more information on the legal rights which may be available to truck accident injury victims and the truck insurance issues that may affect their claim, complete the Free Case Evaluation form on this page.

Common Truck Insurance Issues Following a Collision

There are several truck insurance issues that may arise following an Oklahoma truck accident. The following situations may negatively impact your injury claim:

  • Numerous insurance providers may be involved. Unlike in car accident cases where a single insurance provider typically represents a motorist, several insurance companies can represent one truck driver. The driver himself will most likely have his own insurance policy, in addition to the tractor and the trailer having separate coverage under other insurance policies. The complexity of having to deal with multiple insurance companies can make it difficult to receive fair compensation.
  • Trucking companies employ their own accident investigators. Many trucking companies have measures in place in order to help them avoid making substantial payments to accident victims. It is common practice for a trucking company to have their own accident investigators on staff. These investigators will respond quickly to the scene of the truck accident to assess the crash, collect evidence and interview witnesses. The job of these investigators is to limit the liability of the at-fault truck driver and trucking company, so it is crucial that an injury victim has an experienced truck accident lawyer who will fight for their rights and arrange for a separate, un-biased investigation.
  • Important evidence may be lost. After a truck accident has occurred, there is a lot of evidence that needs to be collected, including impact marks, gas stains, drivers logs, drug and alcohol test results, and weather and road conditions. Given the incredible detail required in ensuring that all evidence is collected, it is important to have a truck accident attorney who knows the type of evidence required to support your injury claim.
  • Settlement offers are usually far less than what is necessary to recover losses. Insurance companies representing the truck driver and the trucking company will offer unfair settlements to accident victims in order to make their own financial loss as small as possible. With the help of a truck accident lawyer who is familiar with insurance regulations of the trucking industry can help to ensure that you receive damages to recover losses.

Tulsa Truck Accident Lawyers

A truck accident usually results in devastating property damage and debilitating injuries. The financial turmoil that follows an Oklahoma truck accident is often substantial. With the help of our Tulsa truck accident lawyers, your chances of recovering losses caused by medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, physical pain and emotional trauma, for example, are greatly increased.

If you have questions on truck insurance issues that may affect your injury claim, complete the FREE Case Evaluation form on this page to schedule a no-obligation consultation with one of our Tulsa truck accident lawyers.

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