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Truck Driver Inexperience

In a 2011 report released by the U.S Department of Transportation, it was reported that more than 19,000 people were injured on our roads in accidents that involved a large truck or semi-trailer, with nearly 3,500 of those accident victims being fatally injured.

Trucking companies and their drivers are closely regulated by state and federal government agencies to make sure that they are operating safely. When an accident involving a vehicle operated by a large trucking company occurs, an insurance rep may be at the scene before the accident is even cleared from the roadway.

You should hire a skilled truck accident lawyer that is not afraid to stand up to these big corporations. If you or someone you love has been injured in a truck accident that was caused by truck driver inexperience, you may be eligible for compensation.

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Causes of Accidents Due to Truck Driver Inexperience

Commercial trucking companies across the United States provide drivers with training and coaching on how they would like their drivers to perform, but many of these in house classes are inadequate and are barely enough to help the drivers get their commercial drivers license.

A few causes of inexperienced truck driver accidents include:

In any case, these accidents can be avoided by drivers taking the time to study, practice, and attend a qualified Oklahoma truck driving school.

Negligent Hiring

Bad driving habits and truck driver errors can often be traced back to poor hiring practices. Under the law, employers have a legal responsibility to do background checks but some companies take shortcuts. Driver inexperience or lack of proper practice could lead to dangerous rollovers, jackknifing, fuel fires, and rapid breaking that causes an accident.  

A legal investigator should look into the trucker's driving history and criminal record, as well as valid Class A licensure and level of training for operating a tractor-trailer or big truck. 

The investigator will ask questions like:

  • Did the employer do a background check?
  • Has this driver had other accidents or a string of traffic violations? 
  • Did the trucks driver or trucking company fail to comply with federal safety or maintenance rules?
  • Did the trucking company provide proper training and supervision for drivers?
  • Does the truck have a design or manufacturing defect that may have contributed to the crash?

There is no excuse for employing a commercial truck driver who cannot operate their vehicle safely. Drivers are required to have adequate training and to have good driving records that demonstrate their understanding of the rules of the road. 

Inadequate Training

According to the Federal Highway Administration, a commercial drivers license (CDL) does not indicate that the holder is a trained or experienced truck or bus driver. It merely indicates that the holder has passed minimal skills and knowledge tests concerning the type of vehicle he or she proposes to drive.

Inexperienced drivers have an increased chance of being involved in a tragic accident. Collisions of this nature result in thousands of deaths and injuries that could be avoided if trucking companies simply adhered to adequate training and testing standards.

Common Types of Crashes

In crashes between a passenger vehicle and a semi-truck, the size difference between the truck and the average 3,000 pound passenger vehicle is likely to cause extreme damages, injuries and possible death to occupants. A variety of things can go wrong when a commercial truck is not operated correctly and truck driver inexperience may be to blame.

Some common types of wrecks include:

There are many types of commercial vehicles and types of crashes but an injury victim only has one life to live.  No motorist should have to suffer because of an error made by an inexperienced truck driver.  

Injuries Caused By Large Vehicle Collisions:

The fact is, the larger and heavier the object the more likely it is to cause injuries. With 5 axles and an average (non-oversize) weight of 80,000lbs, a tractor-trailer is not something you want to collide with.

Some common injuries that motorist might incur in a semi-truck accident:

.... amongst many others.

As with any accident scene, it is important to immediately call 9-1-1 to report the accident and seek medical help for anyone that has been injured.

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The inexperienced truck driver is a danger to themselves and to everyone else on the roadway.

As you can see, the injuries caused by tractor trailer collisions can be very serious, chronic and lifelong. The truck accident lawyers at Edwards Law Firm will make sure any truck accident lawsuit is as comprehensive as possible, so that you can get the treatment you need, for as long as required.

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