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Learn Which Dangerous Trucks Are Involved in the Most Serious Accidents

Type of Trucks

Regardless of the type of truck involved in a truck collision, the results are usually devastating to victims. Smaller cars weigh tens of thousands of pounds less than massive commercial vehicles; due to the difference in size and weight, motorists can suffer debilitating and permanent injuries. Many times, a truck accident ends in death.

If you survived a truck accident but lost someone you love, there is hope. You have the legal right to file a lawsuit against the negligent party. You can be compensated for the reckless actions of the trucker who caused your family harm, and you can seek justice for what was taken from you.

Which of These Dangerous Trucks Caused Your Accident?

Were you injured by one of these types of massive commercial vehicles? The following truck types are most often involved in serious trucking accidents:


These trucks are typically purchased or leased for use by a business. Determining liability in a commercial vehicle collision can be tricky because of the number of parties involved in its use.

Common examples of commercial trucks include:

There are more factors involved in determining liability with a commercial truck than in a collision with a privately-owned vehicle; the responsibility may fall on the driver, the owner of the vehicle, the owner of the company or the manufacturer of a part of the truck.


These vehicles are designated and authorized to respond to emergency situations. When responding to an emergency, the law permits these vehicles to break conventional road rules, but this can sometimes result in serious accidents. While it is important that these vehicles get to their location quickly, the driver still may be responsible for any accident they cause.

Emergency vehicles include:

Like crashes caused by commercial trucks, determining who is liable in an accident with an emergency vehicle can be difficult unless you consult with an attorney.


We see many different types of buses on the road almost daily. These vehicles transport large groups of people and, like other large vehicles, can cause potentially fatal accidents because of their size and shape.

Several types of buses include:

Bus drivers have the added responsibility of keeping those inside their vehicle safe. In many cases, multiple injuries or deaths can result from a negligent or reckless driver behind the wheel of a bus.

Delivery Trucks

Typically, delivery trucks are commercially owned vehicles. They are used in the delivery of goods or products.

Some of the most common types of delivery trucks include:

These vehicles are boxy, heavy and can cause as much damage as other light trucks. Drivers may be under tight deadlines and may speed or commit other negligent behaviors to arrive on time.

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If you were injured in an accident with a large commercial vehicle, you can be compensated for the pain and suffering you experienced. If your loved one died, you have the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit and secure justice on their behalf.

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