Due to the close proximity of cars and people, parking lots are the scene of many pedestrian accidents. According to the safety group AAA, twenty percent of all car accidents occur in parking lots each year.

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Since parking lots are private property, in some cases police wont write a report. This leads to liability in parking lot accidents often being disputed, leaving it up to the drivers involved and the insurance companies to figure out liability on their own.

So who is at fault when two cars collide in a parking lot, and how do you prove fault? This is where hiring an experienced attorney can be an asset, as an attorney we can conduct an investigation that will help to prove who is liable for the car wreck.

Pedestrians and drivers often suffer from a false sense of security in parking lots. However, even though most of the car wrecks occur at low rates of speed, severe injuries can occur.

In the event of an accident, never engage with aggressive drivers. Your first defense against aggressive drivers is to monitor your own driving carefully to avoid giving offense to other drivers.

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