As Tulsa children head back to school, law enforcement, school officials and city leaders are urging area drivers to focus on safety during this busy time.

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The intersection at Tulsa Union High School’s parking lot is already one of the most heavily-driven in the city. With classes starting, approximately 5,000 cars will be coming through that parking lot each school day, the majority of which will cross the 71st and Mingo intersection.

Union Public Schools is taking steps to improve safety at Tulsa Union High School, including making a portion of the parking lot exits right-turn only and issuing driver safety messages as part of the morning announcements. Administrators are also working with the city to add a left turn signal to the traffic light at the high school’s north parking lot.

Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan is encouraging drivers to obey school zone speed limits because speeding is one of the main factors in car accidents that occur in school zones.

Tulsa city councilor Anna America hopes that student drivers will drive safely because they all had to complete drivers’ education courses. However, America acknowledges that it is easy for teenage drivers to get distracted by their smartphones.

Child Pedestrian Safety

In addition to driving themselves or riding a school bus, 13 percent of schoolchildren in the U.S. walk or bike to school.

Nearly one out of every four child pedestrian fatalities that occurred in the past decade happened between the hours of 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. Drivers should pay close attention to sidewalks and crosswalks in school zones during the afternoon hours and come to a complete stop at all stop signs and traffic signals.

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