On January 6, 2014, Google announced its Open Automotive Alliance, which is a group of automotive and technology companies which plan to implement Googles mobile operating system into automobiles. Automotive manufacturers such as Audi, General Motors, Honda Motors, and Hyundai, along with chip-maker Nvida, already have plans to implement devices into vehicles throughout the year.

Not only will these devices offer automotive manufacturers modern software in their vehicles, but also aim to reduce the amount of auto accidents, as texting while driving accidents with life threatening injuries have increased tremendously within the past couple of years.

Some features we may expect to see in our automobiles include; Google Maps, greater access to music, voice commands, talk to text, improved speaker phone technology, and access to our virtual cloud where files are stored from our mobile phones, or computers.

While Audi, BMW, Toyota Motor, and Kia, have already begun using Google Technology for maps, search, and other functions, we can expect these functions to be built upon, and offer much greater functionality.

Not too much surprise, Apple is also offering their iOS in automobiles, and can be found in Ford models which are based on Microsoft technology. However, most of these automobile manufacturing companies are not choosing one partner, as they are electing to use technology from both Apple and Google in their automobiles.

As personal injury attorneys, we can only hope that these new technological advancements will aid in reducing the amount of overall accidents which occur as a result of texting and driving, or using mobile phones while driving.