The increasing research into automated and driverless cars has prompted the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to consider how it will regulate the automated cars.

The fact that these types of cars might be reaching use outside of labs and tests within the next ten to twenty years means that the regulator needs to adapt to their presence before they start hitting the road. The uncertainty of this new technology and the evolving legal environment surrounding it leaves drivers in the dark about how this unproven new approach to driving will affect them.

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This is particularly noteworthy considering the recent focus on distracted drivers and the dangers of hands-free driving. The NHTSA has been strict on distracted driving, and for good reason research shows that talking on a phone while driving can be just as destructive as drunk driving.

The fact that driverless cars will allow for much more hands-free driving means that questions like liability in an accident and the laws for driving while distracted might no longer apply, or at least might apply differently to different vehicles.

This confusing and potentially dangerous environment leaves customers high and dry. However, The Edwards Law Firm will be your staunch and knowledgeable legal advocates for any severe injuries and other problems you experience as a result of a car accident.

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