Many car wrecks are caused every year by driving distractions, sometimes resulting in serious injuries. Pets in particular can cause distractions because they may move around in a vehicle, make noise, become sick and make a mess in the vehicle.

According to a AAA study, approximately 12 percent of drivers have even admitted to taking selfies with their pets while driving. Drivers should take precautions when transporting pets to reduce the risk of causing an accident.

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To reduce the risk of a car accident caused by distraction, drivers should follow these safety tips:

  • Make sure that pets are secure either in a crate or tied up with special pet safety equipment available at most pet stores.
  • Feeding a pet a light meal several hours before a trip can help prevent carsickness.
  • Giving an animal frequent bathroom breaks can also help pet owners avoid having to clean up a mess in the car.
  • Drivers should also make sure to keep their eyes on the road and avoid becoming distract by a pet in the car.

Car accidents due to driving distractions( are unfortunately very common and often result in serious injuries. Driving a vehicle involves the coordination of your vision and your reflexes. By taking your eyes or mind off the road or taking your hands off the wheel for even a second, your chances of being involved in a serious car accident increase significantly.

Our experienced Oklahoma attorneys can help those who have been injured in a senseless car accident through no fault of their own. Injured victims may be entitled to compensation to help pay for medical bills and other costs.