Oklahoma law enforcement agencies are combining efforts to increase enforcement of seat belt use for teenagers.

From Feb. 20 until March 5, several agencies across the state will be upping patrols, particularly to monitor seat belt compliance near schools.

In 2014, the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office reported 51 motor vehicle deaths of teenagers ages 14 to 19-years-old. In 27 of these cases, the victim’s odds of survival would have increased had he or she been wearing a seat belt.

The seat belt enforcement effort aims to save lives while reducing the number and severity of collisions in Tulsa and throughout the state. If you find yourself in a situation where you need an auto accident attorney in Tulsa, schedule a consultation at our law firm today.

All drivers and passengers, especially teenagers, are reminded to buckle their seat belts every time they are driving or riding in a vehicle.

Law enforcement agencies are also reminding motorists to buckle up and reduce their speed to fully focus on driving. To reduce the risk of accidental injury or death:

  • All passengers should be properly restrained.
  • Electronic devices should not be used while driving.
  • Drivers must follow all roadway warning signs.

During the campaign period, citations will be issued to those found breaking Oklahoma’s traffic laws. Police enforcement of these and seat belt safety laws will increase, and no warning will be provided to violators.

Failure to use a seat belt properly is a $20 fine while failing to properly restrain a child will result in a $25 fine.

According to the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSHD), four out of five children are not properly secured when riding in an automobile because of improper use of car seats.

Proper car seat installation and use reduce the odds of motor vehicle accident death by 71 percent for infants under one-year-old and 54 percent for toddlers between one and four-years-old.

  • Children under two-years-old should be placed in a rear-facing car seat until they are two-years-old or have reached the weight and height requirements for the car seat.
  • Children between the ages of two and four-years-old should use a forward-facing car seat that has an internal 5-point harness.
  • Children between the ages of four and eight-years-old should be in a booster seat or child restraint system. This should be used until the child can correctly and safely fit into a seat belt.

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