The upside to ride-sharing services like Uber – the car comes to you. The downside: the driver has 15 seconds to respond and critics spy distracted driving trouble.

Here’s how the Uber app works:

  • When a passenger asks for a ride through the Uber app, an Uber driver has 15 seconds to respond or he will lose the fare.
  • If he loses too many fares he gets temporarily suspended.
  • There is a 15 second window to decide if he is interested in going to that part of town usually while he is driving.

Opinions are split on whether the system promotes distracted driving. However, Uber is already facing scrutiny over the potential liability of its app.

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The family of a 6-year-old girl killed while in a San Francisco crosswalk on New Year’s Eve filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against Uber

The family claims the driver was using the app to respond to a customer when he struck and killed the young girl who was with her family in a crosswalk.

Uber maintains that it encourages safe driving practices across the board.

Earlier this year, the Traffic and Transportation Commissioner approved permits for Uber and Lyft Drivers on Oklahoma City streets. However, the approval was met with extensive debate.

Supporters hailed the services, saying they were ideal in preventing drunk driving. Critics questioned a lack of drug testing and insurance concerns for drivers and passengers.

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