One of the scariest injuries a victim of an automobile accident can suffer is a traumatic brain injury due to the collision. Traumatic brain injuries can range from mild forms to those that are more severe, but regardless, dealing with one presents a lot of challenges and difficulties. If you have recently been in a collision and are suffering from a head injury, we suggest you hire a reputable and qualified auto accident attorney. At Edwards Law Firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we offer auto accident services for injury victims and will work tirelessly to earn you the justice you deserve — schedule a free case evaluation with one of our experienced attorneys today!

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, motor vehicle crashes account for about one-third of all traumatic brain injury visits, hospitalizations and deaths in the U.S. A traumatic brain injury is caused by a bump, blow or jolt to the head that ultimately disrupts the normal function of the brain — the most common mild traumatic brain injury is a concussion. These types of injuries are harder to determine the severity of than a more physical injury, such as a broken bone.

In this blog, we’ll go over four areas you could expect to be compensated for if you or someone you love has suffered from a traumatic brain injury due to an automobile collision.

Medical Expenses

First and foremost, you should be compensated for any and all medical bills for your injury that were caused due to the other driver’s negligence. For ongoing issues, such as a traumatic brain injury, most ongoing treatments should also be covered by the faulted driver’s insurance.

Ongoing treatments can include physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychological therapy or any other type of medical specialist. Future medical compensations for post-treatment are based on the severity of your condition, but more often than not, these should be compensated for as well. Talk with your auto accident attorney to figure out where you could be compensated.

Pain and Suffering

Dealing with the stresses and emotional trauma from facing a traumatic brain injury isn’t something that money can totally fix — we know and understand that. But if you’re in this unfortunate situation, you should expect to be compensated for the loss of enjoyment from your life, as well as any emotional suffering, physical pain or milage for traveling to and from doctor’s appointments.

Whether you’re experiencing Vertigo spells, a change in personality or chronic headaches from your automobile collision, if a doctor can support those symptoms are due to your traumatic brain injury, you can explore those legal compensations. Your auto accident attorney should be able to help you with this.

Loss of Wages and Loss of Potential Future Wages

Traumatic brain injuries require some amount of recovery time for the victim to return to their normal condition — even in the mildest of traumatic brain injury cases. This means most victims need to take time off from work and their everyday means of providing for their families.

If a medical doctor can provide proof that you are unable to work due to your condition and you can provide the amount of wages you are losing from being unable to work, a loss of wages claim is something valid for your situation. Also, if your traumatic brain injury takes away the ability for you to properly perform your job, you can seek a loss of wages claim for future income as well.

Loss of Consortium

A consortium in legal terminology is defined as the right of association and companionship with one’s husband or wife. In regards to the topic of a traumatic brain injury due to an automobile collision, the spouse of a victim of traumatic brain injury may have a valid claim of loss of consortium.

This ultimately means that if the victim cannot perform their daily tasks for their family, or if the marriage is experiencing a loss of intimacy due to the brain injury, the spouse has a valid claim to be compensated for their loss as well. You can always check with your auto accident attorney to see if this applies to your situation.

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