According to Google, around 8,000 people have purchased Google Glass from them for $1,500, while law enforcement officials have been ticketing these individuals while classifying it as distracted driving.

Since Google Glass was released, experts have been debating whether or not the internet-enabled eye wear presents a hazard to drivers. If you or someone you love has been injured by a distracted driver, do not hesitate to contact our experienced car accident attorneys in Tulsa for qualified legal assistance.

The reason is that Google Glass is able to record video through voice commands, display information in regards to internet search results, weather, and even sports scores. Clearly, this is defined as distracted driving, while there is no way to determine if an individual is actually searching the internet and reading from this device while driving.

Nearly 10 years ago the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety suggested that cellphone use would become a major safety problem across our roadways, while there has not been any conclusive evidence proving that Google Glass will cause accidents.

There are also several arguments arising that Google Glass could be used as a substitute for texting while driving, as it is hands free, and does not appear to take your attention off the roads. This may be useful to reduce accidents and deaths, rather than the current increasing trend.

Additionally, these devices may be able to warn drivers about upcoming accidents or stop signs by beaming it into the Google Glass or similar products entering the market.

Of course, our attorneys do recommend avoiding wearing the Google Glass while driving at this time, as this could increase the chances of these devices being street legal in the near future.