A collision involving two tanker trucks ended in the death of one person, an explosion and a fire with smoke that could be seen for miles.

The accident took place Thursday in Geary, Blaine County, when the two tanker trucks collided on state highway 270 just after noon.

Around the time of the accident a witness reported hearing a loud explosion. Shortly thereafter massive plumes of black smoke were visible from miles around the scene.

One driver was killed while the other only suffered mild injuries. At the time of the report, neither drivers identity had been revealed.

The tankers were said to be carrying citric acid, a natural preservative, and crude oil. A large amount of oil spilled out of the tanker and pooled along the side of the road, reports say, though there have not been any concerns expressed as to environmental impact.

At the time of the report the cause of the crash had not yet been determined.

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