When you suffer from bodily injury, mental distress, or another form of personal injury, you need someone on your side who will fight for your rights. While it is never fun to file a lawsuit, it can be the right choice for those who are facing a case of personal injury.

Here at the Edwards Law Firm, we provide case consultations for those who need the assistance of a personal injury lawyer in Tulsa. We will work with you to determine whether or not you have reason to file a personal injury lawsuit. Doing so can be of great benefit to you and your family. Check out the reasons why below.

Compensation For Personal Injury

Filing a lawsuit when you have been injured, you have lost property due to damage, or you have suffered from mental anguish can result in a variety of compensation. Compensation falls under two umbrellas.

Special Damages: You could receive compensation for specific dollar amounts that are easily proven. For example, if you wound up at the doctor due to an injury, you might be compensated for your medical bills. This could also include payments for property damage, such as a totaled vehicle, or lost wages due to missing working.

General Damages: Compensation for less specific dollar amounts fall under general damages. This might include monetary compensation for pain or emotional distress. Due to the fact that general damages are harder to demonstrate concretely, you need the help of a trained lawyer to receive compensation for these types of losses.

While no amount of money can ever undo the pain that you have experienced, proper compensation can help ensure that you and your family are able to move forward from the event. If you believe you or your loved one deserves compensation for personal injury, reach out to a personal injury lawyer in Tulsa today for a case evaluation.