Getting in a wreck is always a traumatic event. If you were riding a motorcycle during a crash, the damage to you can be even more extreme. Motorcyclists generally fare far worse than the other driver due to the disadvantage of being on a bike. When a crash occurs and it was not your fault, you can still be left holding hefty medical bills, missing out on work, and suffering mentally. That is why it is vital that you work with a motorcycle accident attorney in Tulsa right away to determine whether or not your wreck was caused by the negligence of the other driver.

Think you might have a case for negligence? Check out these common reasons that can help prove the negligence of another driver.

Negligent Actions

The Driver Was Texting And Driving

If you were hit while on your motorcycle by a driver that was texting and driving, you might have a solid case for negligence. A reasonable person should not be engaging in texting while operating a vehicle.

The Driver Was Following Too Closely

It is important for drivers to always leave enough space between them and the vehicle ahead. If someone ran into you because they were following your motorcycle too closely, you could fight for your case.

The Driver Was Speeding

How fast was the person going who caused the wreck you were in? If they were driving above posted speed limits, they could be found at fault for the wreck. Remember, even if they were at fault, it takes an attorney fighting on your side to receive proper compensation.

The Driver Was Distracted

Distracted driving can lead to an array of trouble. If the driver who caused the wreck you were in was doing anything that could be considered distracting, such as eating, changing music, etc., they could be found negligent.

Keep in mind that just because someone was at fault doesn’t mean that you will be properly compensated automatically. Talk to a motorcycle accident attorney in Tulsa from the Edwards Law Firm today to put together an aggressive case for your rights.