Nursing home abuse is an unfortunate reality that many in our area face. Nothing is worse than realizing that your elderly loved one is being hurt, whether that is physically, mentally, emotionally, or in any capacity. If you have noticed signs of nursing home abuse, it is time to take action. In many cases, your loved one is incapable of standing up for themselves and only through your intervention can they be aided.

As your local personal injury law firm, we are passionate about assisting those who suspect nursing home abuse in Tulsa. We will work quickly to review your case and put together a plan for getting your loved one the compensation they deserve. From the first moment you suspect abuse, take action.

Actions To Take

1. Contact The Authorities

Abusing the elderly is a crime and if you suspect that your loved one is being hurt in any way, contact the authorities. It is important to involve law enforcement to help put a stop to the abuse.

2. Speak To Your Loved One

Make sure that throughout the entire process, you communicate with your loved one. Be sure that they feel valued, heard, and cared for. They have likely gone through an extremely stressful and terrifying time. Speaking to them about your plan can help calm their nerves.

3. Call Your Attorney

While nothing can ever undo the wrong that was done, your loved one deserves compensation for their suffering. Contact a local personal injury lawyer who works with nursing home abuse cases to start fighting for your loved one’s rights.

4. Relocate Your Loved One

Last, but not least, do not leave your loved one in a dangerous situation. Most elderly cannot stand up for their own well-being, whether due to deteriorating health or mental difficulties. Make sure your loved one is placed in a safe and loving nursing home.

Need help fighting for your loved one? We can help. The team at Edwards Law Firm is here to assist you with cases involving nursing home abuse in Tulsa. Contact us today.