Auto accidents are a traumatic experience. Whether you were involved in a serious wreck that has had you sidelined for years with major injuries or you were in a simple but impactful accident, taking the right course of action right away is vital.

As a local auto accident attorney in Tulsa, we work with countless people who have been involved in an auto accident and need help filing an appropriate lawsuit. In some cases, people do not file this lawsuit immediately. Perhaps they didn’t realize the severity of the situation right away or maybe they didn’t realize there are options for unfair fault, whatever the case, action can be taken at a later date. However, while you do have some time to file a lawsuit, the clock is ticking. Check out the following information on the timeline of lawsuits regarding auto accidents.

Two-year Statute Of Limitations

According to Oklahoma law, an accident victim has two years from the date of an accident to file a lawsuit for compensation. This two-year statute of limitations is critical to follow if you hope to receive help.

If you are within the two-year statute of limitations, the following steps should be taken in order to provide the best chance at fighting for your case.

  1. Contact an auto accident attorney immediately. The sooner you call a lawyer the better.
  2. Provide every amount of detail possible to your attorney. This includes photos taken at the scene of the accident, information about law enforcement that was present, and the other driver’s information.
  3. File an insurance claim. Part of the process will be filing a timely insurance claim. Your attorney can best advise you on when and how to handle this.
  4. Continue to work with your attorney. As the case proceeds, you and your attorney will work together closely to fight for your case.

Here at Edwards Law Firm, we want to ensure you file your lawsuit in time. Contact us right away when you need the help of a Tulsa auto accident attorney. We will get to work to fight on your behalf.