A motorcyclist is killed each day on Texas roadways. To improve safety and commemorate the 455 Texas motorcyclists who lost their lives in 2015, the Texas Department of Transportation has launched an educational campaign for May’s Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

The “Share the Road: Look Twice for Motorcycles” initiative urges vehicle drivers to take special care to protect motorcyclists sharing the roads. Those who ride motorcycles are five times more likely to sustain injuries in an accident than vehicle occupants. They are also 26 times more likely to die in an accident. This increased risk can be associated with the lack of safety features on a motorcycle; there are not seat belts, sturdy frames, or airbags to protect riders.

Look Twice to Spot Motorcycles

Approximately 50 percent of fatal motorcycle accidents involve colliding with trucks and cars, where many vehicle drivers report never seeing the motorcycle or not accurately judging their speed.

Texas transportation officials are urging vehicle drivers to be more observant on the roads in efforts to reduce the number of motorcycle collisions, injuries and fatalities. Officials note it is especially important for drivers to thoroughly assess the roadways before entering an intersection or making a lane change.

The May Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month campaign offers this advice to drivers:

  • Before making any maneuver, look twice for motorcycles
  • Always use your turn signal when making a lane change
  • Always look in your mirrors before shifting lanes
  • Keep significant distance when following behind a motorcycle
  • Don’t assume motorcycles are far from your vehicle; act as if they are closer than you believe

Throughout the month of May, the Texas Department of Transportation will be visiting Texas communities, providing citizens with opportunities to learn about motorcycle safety through a variety of activities.

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