Bad road conditions are one of the leading contributing factors in many Oklahoma auto accidents. Almost 20 percent of all fatal road accidents involve a single car that runs off the road, often crashing into a fixed object or rolling over.

While the government may argue that these types of accidents result from driver error, oftentimes bad road conditions are also a contributing factor to the cause of the wreck.

If you or a loved one have been involved in an auto accident that was caused by bad road conditions here in Tulsa, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit to recover compensation for damages related to the crash.

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Dangerous Road Conditions that Result in Accidents

Road hazards often stem from faulty design, construction, maintenance, failure by the government to make road changes to adapt to new conditions, or simply due to weather erosion of the surface and underlying material. Here are some clues a road is hazardous and that you might be entitled to legal compensation.

Poor Design

The design of a road can play a large role in the type of accident that occurs. Some of the most common design flaws that result in a wreck include:

  • Dangerous curves
  • Hazards obstructing visibility at intersections and crosswalks
  • Entrance and exit ramps that are too short or don’t allow safe merging
  • Pavement with inadequate skin resistance
  • Parking policies that limit visibility of a dangerous intersection
  • Poorly placed signs and traffic signals
  • Dangerous slopes and dips in road layout
  • Dangerous street drop-offs, like ravines or cliffs
  • Defective or missing guard rails
  • Poor drainage that can result in pooling and hydroplaning
  • Absent, defective or improper warning signage
  • Shoulders that are not visibly distinct


Many auto accidents take place in construction zones. Practices of construction workers can increase the risk of a collision even after construction has been completed.

Failure to properly follow approved plans, shoddy materials or poor workmanship can all decrease the quality of road conditions and increase the likelihood of an accident.

Poor Maintenance

Maintenance practices of Tulsa roadways also play a role in the risk of an accident. By allowing road surfaces to become damaged with potholes, a car may hit a hole at an odd angle, causing the driver to lose control — potentially resulting in the vehicle spinning and colliding with other cars and objects on the road.

Old guardrails can also become hazardous when they lose the strength that is necessary to keep vehicles on the road if they are impacted at speed.

Failure to Adapt

Examples of the government failing to make road changes to adapt to new conditions can include:

  • Dangerous road subsidence, or sinking
  • Road cave-ins
  • Changing use patterns by pedestrians and vehicles
  • Ignoring evidence that accidents keep occurring on a bad road

Weather and Erosion

The elements can have a major impact on the condition and performance of a road surface. The blazing hot summers of the South and the Midwestern U.S. can often cause road materials to expand greatly, even melting the tarmac in some instances. Driving in the snow and cold of the same regions can also cause the road surface to compress from the cold.

Weather can have a great effect on the conditions and overall performance of a road.

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