Burn injuries are often devastating and can be life-changing for those involved. In a fire related accident victims generally sustain serious personal injuries which can also be attributed to scalding hot fluids, corrosive chemicals or explosions. All of which often require extensive medical treatment to help minimize infection, scarring and pain.

If you or a loved one has sustained a burn injury, you may be eligible for compensation. The associated medical costs and outpatient care costs can be staggering – in many cases, simply too much for families to withstand. Any additional pain and mental scarring can further complicate matters.

At The Edwards Law Firm our team will aggressively pursue compensation in order to cover the medical expenses associated with treatment, along with seeking to recover losses that have incurred due to the charring, scalding, blistering and/or scorching endured as a result of another individuals negligence.

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Facts about Common Burn Injuries

One of the great misconceptions held by many people is that burns are superficial wounds. Burn injuries are far worse than strictly localized injuries that affect only the skin, the hair and parts of the body directly exposed to a blaze, explosion or acid.

Serious wounds sustained due to singeing, searing or corrosive chemicals will affect a number of internal organs, which can lead to other long-term consequences for the injury victim.

Some of these include (but are not limited to):

  • The sensory system that sends signals from the nerve endings to the brain
  • The sweat glands that regulate body temperature
  • The lungs, if the victim has suffered from smoke inhalation
  • The kidneys, if the victim has suffered an extreme number of red blood cells have been destroyed by the burns
  • Speak with one of our burn injury attorneys, if you have sustained any type of burn-related injury. You may be entitled to compensation for both your medical expenses and your pain and suffering.

Our burn injury attorneys have assisted clients who have suffered scorching and scalding wounds due to:

  • Vehicle, household and work related fires
  • Cooking accidents (i.e., boiling water, hot oil, grease fires, etc.)
  • Chemical spills, unlabeled or incorrectly labeled chemicals
  • Faulty wiring and electrical burns
  • Auto accidents
  • Contact a legal professional, if you have been involved in any incident that resulted in burn injuries.

The immediate, specialized care required to treat burn victims is essential to a successful recovery, but it is also costly. Burn victims require consistent and effective care in order to prevent any further injuries, suffering or scarring. Depending upon the depth and severity of the wounds, extreme measures including amputations may be required in order to save a burn victim’s life.

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