New studies have shown an increase in the likelihood that cellular phones and mobile devices may lead to brain tumors. Although there are is no evidence of it, the research supports the increasing correlation between cell phones usage and glioma (the most common brain tumors).

As cell phone technology is relatively new, it may be years until we can determine the effects of cell phones on your body. However, if you believe you or someone you love has suffered from injuries due to cell phone usage, contact the attorneys at Edwards Law Firm today. We may be able to assemble a cell phone radiation lawsuit for your injuries and pursue compensation on your behalf.

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Effects of Cell Phone Radiation

The negative effects of cell phone usage stems from the exposure to radio frequency waves – which are generally the strongest near the antennas of a cell phone. Considering most people hold their phones near their face, they are subject to the highest amount of radio frequency waves in this area.

According to the American cancer society, many factors can affect the amount of RF energy to which a person is exposed:

  • The Amount of Time One Spends on the Phone
  • The Make and Model of Phone
  • Whether or not a person uses a hands-free device
  • The Amount of Cell Phone Traffic in your Area
  • The Distance from the Nearest Cell Phone Tower

Although there is no direct correlation, research is pointing that the exposure to radio frequency waves may lead to brain tumors.

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