In a report recently released by the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office (OHSO), it was stated that there were over 1,700 accidents in Oklahoma that involved motorcycles—with over 77% of riders being injured as a result of those collisions (approximately 1,350 victims). Statistics like these reinforce the dangers that motorcycle riders face whenever they are on our roads.

Needless to say, when a car accident involves a motorcycle, the motorcyclist is at a severe disadvantage. Riders are often seriously injured simply due to the lack of protection that a motorcycle offers – especially when compared to that of car or truck.

Here at the Edwards Law Firm, our motorcycle accident attorneys have the knowledge and experience to represent all those who have been injured in motorcycle wrecks in Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas. We understand that complexities of personal injury lawsuits, and can help guide you past the obstacles that can arise during litigation.

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Motorcycle Accident Injuries

It’s important to note that approximately 3,000 people die each year due to motorcycle accidents in the United States. Here in our home state of Oklahoma, over 90 riders were killed in 2011 alone.

In more than 80 percent of collisions involving a motorcycle, the motorcyclist was not at fault, which illustrates that other motorists are just not aware of the riders that are on our roads.

While the injuries that motorcyclists can receive in crashes are often wide and varied, some typical injuries include (but are not limited to):

These crashes are typically caused by the negligence of another driver, a defective motorcycle or unsafe roadways or hazards.

In light of the above, it’s vital that riders be aware of their surroundings. Other motorists are often unaware that a rider is close by, and as such, riders need to practice safe riding tactics at all times.

How We Can Help And What Costs Are Involved

At the Edwards Law Firm, our attorneys have over 50 years of combined legal experience – representing injury victims just like you in the various areas of personal injury law.

If you have been injured in an Oklahoma motorcycle crash that was caused due to the negligence of another motorist, you may be eligible to receive compensation for any injuries you may have sustained – including loss of wages, outpatient treatment costs and other related expenses.

With over $100 MILLION in verdicts and settlements that we have won for our clients, we have the resources and determination to help fight for your MAXIMUM compensation benefits. We are aware of the tactics that insurance companies employ on injury victims and their families, and can help to guide you through the litigation process.

As responsible members of our local communities, we strongly believe that everyone should be entitled to comprehensive legal counsel. With that in mind, we work on a contingency only basis. What that means, is that we only charge you for our fees and services if we obtain a verdict or settlement for your case.

For those that are unsure if they have a case or not – we also offer a 100% FREE case review, which allows potential customers to tell our attorneys about their incident, which our team will then review to determine if there are grounds to file a lawsuit.

If so, we will then advise on the best way to move forward with proceedings.

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Motorcycle accidents often affect more than just those involved in the actual crash – family members and other dependents often rely on accident victims as their source of income and other services that they provide to their families and communities.

At the law offices of The Edwards Law Firm, we understand the difficulties that many families endure after a loved one has been seriously injured in a motorcycle crash, and are prepared to fight for the rights of injury victims throughout Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas.

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