bad faith insurance claim is filed when the insurance company should have provided proper compensation according to the policy contract, but failed to do so. Acts of bad faith can include:

  • Delaying in processing a claim
  • Denial of payment
  • Underpayment

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Policy-holders often feel helpless when their insurance company acts in bad faith. Insurance companies are only needed when it is very important, such as recovering from a car wreck, from storm damage, or injury. Policy-holders pay monthly premiums in good faith,” so it is expected that the insurance company behave “in good faith” in return; however, this is not always the case.

If it is proved that an insurer is withholding or denying coverage for petty or made-up reasons, a bad faith insurance claim may be viewed favorably. We never promise an outcome. The courts have a record of considering what a reasonable insurer would have done in similar circumstances. The courts look at whether the company is honoring its contract. Call our bad faith insurance attorneys today to discuss the facts of your case.

If your bad faith insurance claim is successful, you may be entitled to the money the claim should have paid; you may also be repaid for any related costs, such as any money you spent fighting the case.

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