Commercial vehicle accidents result in some of the most devastating collisions seen in any crash across the nation. The sheer size and weight of a large truck makes the occupants of smaller vehicles vulnerable to horrific and permanent injuries, and many of these crashes result in death.

Survivors of truck accidents are entitled to seek justice and compensation for what was taken from them. The causes of truck accidents range from driver distraction to vehicle malfunction. Regardless of the reason for the accident, these crashes are life-altering, expensive disasters for all involved.

Reasons Truck Accidents Occur

Reasons Truck Accidents Occur

As in any vehicle crash, driver error is always a possible culprit.

Truck drivers are the cause of accidents approximately 21% of the time, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) reports.1

Below include some of the most prominent causes of truck accidents in Oklahoma and beyond:

Fatigue is major factor when a commercial vehicle collision occurs. The pressure placed on drivers to deliver loads on time is often enough reason for them to overextend themselves physically and mentally by choosing to drive on little to no sleep. Some companies offer better pay to drivers when they deliver early or on time, which is even more incentive for them to buck regulations and drive longer than federal laws allow.

Truckers also have a reputation for using illicit substances like drugs and alcohol to stay awake on long trips, and this is a problem many believe has reached epidemic proportions.

Rollovers: The Deadliest Truck Accident

Their awkward shape and high center of gravity makes trucks very susceptible to tipping. Because of the enormity of commercial vehicles, a rollover accident is one of the main causes of death for the other motorists involved in the crash.

While environmental factors like weather can come into play, in many cases, driver error is a main culprit of rollovers. By simply speeding, taking a curve too fast, or improperly balancing a load, an inexperienced trucker can cause a fatal rollover accident.

Truckers have a responsibility to other motorists to operate their vehicles safely; when they do not, the outcome can be deadly.

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Survivors of truck accidents face so many obstacles after a crash: grieving the loss of a loved one, medical bills for their own injuries, financial hardships, wages lost from the deceased persons income and much more. No one wants to be left without help when their loved one has been killed in an accident.

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1. FMCSA, Large Truck Crash Causation Study, 2014