Livestock transportation plays an important role in daily American life. Whether Americans realize it or not, transporting live animals via rail, road, ship, or air is important for the breeding, sale, and grazing of the animals that people depend on for food consumption in the United States. Today, moving livestock with trucks is the most utilized method throughout the nation.

Transporting livestock from location to location requires a wide range of specific regulations and rules to ensure the safe travel and care of the animals involved. Trucking companies who transport livestock must maintain a specialized trailer for the purpose of the movement of live animals. In the state of Oklahoma, all truckers carrying livestock must carry a Brand Inspection Certificate. This certificate must accompany each and every livestock load carried.

Road motor transport is the most user friendly method of transporting cattle and other livestock animals. Due to the fact that livestock spend a significant portion of time traveling on the roads and highways of Oklahoma, the must be placed in the proper vehicle to reduce stress that the animals often suffer. While many people believe that crashes are rare, livestock transportation accidents occur far more often than many would believe.

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Livestock Transport Information

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is responsible for overseeing the rules and regulations regarding livestock transportation throughout the country and overseas. Due to the fact that the animals are placed under substantial stress during highway travel for long periods of time, the USDA must ensure that all operations regarding livestock transportation are safe and efficient to boost productivity and security.

Maintaining the comfort of the livestock during highway shipments is essential for the overall functionality of the delivery process. There are five different vehicles that are standardized for livestock transport in the U.S. The different vehicles vary in terms of livestock being carried and the specific necessities of the shipment. The following are the five types of transport vehicles:

  • Possum Belly Trailer
  • Straight Trailer
  • Gooseneck Trailer
  • Pup Trailer
  • Straight Truck

The rules and regulations regarding trucking travel times, rest periods, etc. are monitored and maintained by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. However, any aspects of the livestock requirements are handled by the USDA. If you or a loved one has been involved in a livestock transportation accident, Edwards Law Firm is prepared to take on your case today.

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Livestock Transportation Accidents

Delays in transporting live animals are incredibly costly for the companies involved in the process. Therefore, livestock transport truck drivers are often encouraged to make the best timing possible while transferring livestock from one destination to another. Unfortunately, these actions often cause livestock transportation accidents. When a collision occurs on the roads and highways of Oklahoma, not only are all of the vehicles involved in danger, but the action is also putting all of the animals at risk.

Poorly maintained vehicles are the largest contributor to livestock transportation accidents in the United States. Truck breakdowns and other malfunctions not only cause delays and in turn a significant amount of money, but they also put these vehicles at risk of a traffic collision. All livestock transportation vehicles must check the following to avoid mechanical breakdowns:

  • Follow maintenance recommendation by the manufacturer of the vehicle
  • Service and replace tire and brakes
  • Regularly check lights
  • Keep interior of transport vehicle in good shape
  • Check the truck floors and ramps
  • Check functionality of truck gates

Keeping the maintenance of livestock vehicles up-to-date is essential for ensuring the safety of the animals and the vehicle itself. When traveling along the highways of Oklahoma, many motorists will recognize the presence of a livestock transport vehicle. When this is the case, be sure to stay out of the vehicles blind spots. In addition, it is always best to leave ample room when traveling behind a livestock truck.

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