The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that more than 9,000 bus accidents that resulted in injuries during 2009. Oklahoma residents use bus transportation for a number of reasons. The highways and streets are filled with private charter buses, transit buses and school buses.

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Types of Bus Transportation

In Oklahoma there are many different types of buses and group transportation vehicles that are used for a variety of purposes. Listed below are some different types of bus transportation that is available to residents and visitors alike:

Public Transit Buses

Typically, public transit buses are used for local commuting purposes. People use transit buses when they don’t own a vehicle or if its more convenient to take public transportation than their own vehicle. Generally, public transit buses are owned by municipalities or by a bus company that has been fired by the local government to run them.

If an accident is caused by the bus drivers negligence, the municipality or the bus company may held responsible for the collision.

Private Charter Buses

Oftentimes, people will hire a charter bus to provide transportation for a particular event. Some events that charter buses are used for include sporting events, corporate functions and other occasions. They are generally owned by a private company.

When a charter bus is involved in a crash, the bus company or the bus driver may be held liable for any damages that occurred. In some instances, both the driver and the charter bus company can be sued.

Tour Buses

People use to tour buses when they want to travel to a far destination or when a group wants to tour several locations. Tour buses are generally hired by a company that organizes the tour or by a group of people that have common interests.

If a tour bus causes a crash, the driver and /or the company that hired the bus could be named as defendants in a lawsuit. Additionally, if the bus was hired by a social club they could also be named in the lawsuit.

School Buses

School buses are used to transport students to and from school and school activities such as field trips and sports games. These buses are typically owned by the school district. Sometimes the school district will contract a private company to operate the buses.

Each year, approximately 24 kids are killed in school-related transportation accidents. When a school bus accident occurs, the school district will held responsible for any injuries or damages incurred in the accident. Now if the private company operates the buses, the company and the school can both be liable for the damages.

15-Passenger Vans

Fifteen passenger vans are used when the group that is being transported is too small to charter a bus. These vans are acquired from a rental company and member of the group usually drives it. Churches, families and sports teams will often use 15-passenger vans.

Both the rental company and the vans driver can be sued if the van causes a collision.

Filing a Bus Accident Lawsuit

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