Many individuals or businesses in Oklahoma will opt to hire a charter bus when large groups of people need transportation to and from an event of some kind. Not only do charter buses reduce the number of vehicles on roads and highways, but a charter bus also uses fewer resources, making this mode of transportation an environmentally conscious option. Whenever multiple vehicles are traveling to the same location, there are a number of potential risks related to congestion of the road.

Charter buses alleviate the number of vehicles traveling to the same destination while ensuring that all member of the group arrive at the same time. Oftentimes, a charter bus is used to transport sports teams and church groups. Using this mode of transportation is not without risks, however. Charter bus crashes in Oklahomahappen more often than many would believe.

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Arrangements for Oklahoma Charter Bus Travel

Charter buses are typically hired for a specific purpose. Similar to tour buses, they are used to bring a group of people together to a certain location at one time, instead of requiring each member of the group to arrange for their own transportation. Unlike tour buses, these buses are used to transport individuals to a particular event that only lasts for a short period of time, like a sporting event, concert or a one-day social event.

A Tulsa charter bus can be hired through a variety of arrangements. In the event of an accident, several different parties may be liable for damages, depending on the arrangements in hiring the bus. It is critical that you consult with a lawyer who is well-versed in large commercial vehicle litigation if you have been injured in a charter bus accident.

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Liability in Tulsa Charter Bus Crashes

Depending on the details of the crash, various different parties could be named as defendants in a charter bus crash lawsuit. The parties below could be found liable for damages if the given circumstances are met:

Charter Bus Company

If the crash was caused due to poor maintenance of the bus, the charter bus company could be found at-fault. Charter buses that provide interstate travel must follow all federal regulations which specify the oversight, maintenance and safety procedures for interstate vehicles.

Additionally, the charter bus company could be found accountable if they hired an unqualified driver. If it is found that a company failed to conduct a thorough background check or if they hired a driver with a history of reckless driving behavior, they can be found liable for the accident due to their negligence.

Charter Bus Driver

In a majority of these types of cases, the charter bus company will be named as a defendant in a lawsuit; however, this does not eliminate the bus driver from liability. If the charter bus drivers behavior contributed in any way to the crash, then the driver may be named as a defendant as well.

The Driver of Another Vehicle

Tulsa charter bus crashes will often involve more than one vehicle. It is not uncommon for more than one driver to be found at-fault for the collision. If the driver of another car is found to be to blame for the crash, they could also be held accountable for any damages. In fact, in some cases, the driver of another car could be found to be 100 percent to blame for an accident, leaving the charter bus driver and company free of any liability.

Premises Liability

When a driver is operating a charter bus on dangerous road conditions which caused the crash, the destination itself could be found liable for the accident. In these claims, the collision happened due to the hazardous conditions where the bus was driving as opposed to the behavior of any driver on the road.

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