truck underride accident happens when a smaller vehicle collides with a larger truck, sliding underneath the rear or side of the truck.

Truck underride collisions are some of the most dangerous and deadliest types of truck accidents. Many truck underride accidents cause life-altering injuries and truck accident fatalities.

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Types of Underride Collisions

An underride collision can be classified as either a rear underride accident or a side underride wreck. As can be assumed by their names, a rear underride collision happens when a vehicle goes under the rear of the much larger truck, and a side underride accident occurs when the smaller vehicle slides underneath the side of a truck.

Causes of Truck Underride Accidents

There are several factors that can cause a truck underride crash. The following circumstances can result in an underride collision:

  • Dim, dirty or faulty taillights on the truck.
  • An extremely slow moving truck and a driver who fails to turn on emergency flashers.
  • broken down truck and a driver who does not properly use reflective triangles.
  • Inadequate or inoperative side safety lighting when a driver is either turning or obstructing a lane of traffic.
  • A truck that is moving significantly slower than all other vehicles on the road.

Truck Underride Collision Lawsuits

If you or a loved one has been injured in a truck underride collision, we believe that you deserve both compassion and compensation for your losses. Through a truck accident lawsuityou may be eligible to recover damages, such as medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering.