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Laceration Injury Compensation Claims

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that there are at least 2 million people injured in a motor vehicle collision each year in the United States. As the leading cause of death in the nation, auto accidents have been a growing issue since the beginning of vehicle production. Broken glass is an incredibly common outcome of a traffic crash. When the side windows or windshield breaks, shattered glass may cause laceration injuries for any of the passenger occupants.

In addition to those passenger occupants suffering from damage, even those pedestrians standing in close proximity to the collision may be vulnerable to laceration injuries from flying shards of glass. A laceration is referred to as a cut or tearing of the soft body tissue. When laceration injuries are minor, the accident victim is usually able to recover rather quickly. However, severe laceration injuries often lead to permanent scarring for the accident victim.

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Types of Lacerations

There are a variety of different types of lacerations, some far more severe than others. When the blunt force of a motor vehicle collision strikes a passenger causing a laceration, immediate medical attention is essential. Due to the fact that many accident victims are incapable of determining the depth of the cut and the severity associated with the laceration injuries, all of those involved in traffic crashes must immediately find a health care facility to check their wounds. Below are some of the most commonly seen types of lacerations from auto accidents in Tulsa.

Cut Laceration

The most common and the least severe of all lacerations, a cut refers to the breakage of skin from a sharp object contact. When cuts are minor, they are typically treated by properly cleaning and bandaging, however, some cuts actually penetrate the underlying tissue and may require additional care.


While these types of lacerations are far less common, over-stretching occurs when the object which strikes the passenger occupants hits the skin at an angle, thus causing a pushing or pulling of the skin which completely stretches or breaks.

Grinding Compression

Often seen in very severe motor vehicle collisions, grinding compression occurs when an object strikes the skin via a brushing motion or on an angle. This action against the skin causes the skin to lift and then peel back. When this occurs, the epidermis is damaged and the tissue below is crushed.

Split Laceration

When two objects crush a particular portion of the body, it causes a tearing of the skin and tissue.

Laceration Injury Treatment

Proper and immediate treatment for laceration injuries is imperative to healing and, most importantly, potentially preventing scarring from occurring. Unfortunately, however, when the traffic collision is very severe the injuries are more likely to cause scarring in the accident victim.

All of those involved in an accident are encouraged to seek professional medical care. However, if you have suffered from a minor laceration, use the following steps to properly treat the wound:

  • Immediately apply pressure to the wound to stop bleeding

  • Use soap and water to clean the cut

  • Apply antibiotic ointment to fight potential infection

  • Use a sterile bandage to cover the open wound

The above treatment plan is suggested for minor lacerations. However, if several days have passed the bandage must be removed to inspect the wound. If the laceration has not healed or looks to be infected, you must seek medical attention as soon as possible.

The following signs indicate the need to immediately seek a healthcare physician:

  • The cut is very deep or over a joint

  • You are unable to clean the wound

  • If the patient has not gotten a tetanus shot or booster in the last 5 to 10 years

More often than not, semi-serious wounds are treated with stitches. The doctor will use the stitching to both stop bleeding and protect the tissues, while reducing the chance of scarring. After 4 to 14 days, the doctor will generally remove the stitching. However, stitches on the face or hand are treated differently than that of other regions on the body.

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