Do you drive distractedly? Are you texting, talking on the phone, eating or doing anything else that diverts your attention from the road?

Furthermore, when you take your eyes off the road or are distracted from the primary task of driving, how much are you missing?

A Crash Course in Distracted Driving Dangers

Thanks to technology, drivers are getting a crash course in the dangers that negligent and distracted driving pose behind the wheel.

Driving simulators are an excellent way to reiterate the shocking reality distracted driving presents. They allow drivers to navigate a virtual road and react in real time to a variety of dangerous situations.

According to the NHTSA, Driving simulators allow active learning by making it possible to give immediate feedback on driver performance. It is as close as a person can come to training on real roads with a licensed driving instructor, but without the crash risk.

Reducing Driver Error, One Distraction at a Time

  • In an effort to curb distractions behind the wheel, experts also suggest making music selections, GPS inputs and DVD operations before heading to your destination.
  • In addition to pre-programming electronic devices, drivers should also make sure volume levels do not block sounds of the road, including police sirens.

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