Did you know driving while you are sleepy poses as much of a threat on the road as distracted driving or driving while intoxicated? It’s a mounting concern as we enter the season of high school graduation.

The moments after a car accident are extremely important. Our experienced Tulsa personal injury attorneys advise you not to admit fault or over-apologize for the accident as this could be used against you in court; never speak to the attorney or the insurance company of the other driver; stay calm and collected while police are dispatched; and NEVER leave the accident scene.

  • Its estimated that one in five deadly accidents is caused by a drowsy driver.
  • Researchers with the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that teenage students are a high-risk group.
  • The group most frequently involved in these types of drowsy driving catastrophes is drivers between the ages of 16 and 24.

Even when they’re not out partying with friends, young drivers admit they don’t get enough sleep. Despite this disturbing news, getting drowsy drivers to pull over may be easier said than done, but it’s not keeping people from trying.

One teen who is not even old enough to drive developed a device that helps drowsy drivers stay alert. It works by monitoring brain waves and eye blinks to determine drowsiness. An Australian company is using similar technology to alert truck drivers who show signs of drowsiness. When the tool detects fatigue or distraction, alarms go off and the seat vibrates to get the drivers attention.

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When car accidents happen, fatigue is often the culprit. So experts say drivers should pull off the road at the first sign of drowsiness. The experienced personal injury lawyers at the Edwards Law Firm have won over $100 million in verdicts and settlements on behalf of injured people just like you. Contact us today to get started.