A worker from the Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) was hit and killed by an oncoming car in a construction zone on Wednesday, May 18. The worker was an 18-year superintendent and was supervising a brush removal project on Highway 20 near the Mayes and Delaware County lines when the incident happened.

His death marked the 60th employee killed in the history of the department, which has had more employees killed than any other state agency.

The death also occurred during Work Zone Safety Awareness Month, during which time ODOT and state law enforcement are working to highlight the dangers of work zones and to encourage motorists to slow down when workers are present.

ODOT is imploring drivers to “Expect the Unexpected” by slowing down and remaining alert to inherent dangers within work zones.

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Safety Tips for Drivers in Work Zones

Even though state troopers are often hired to monitor work zones, drivers do not always pay attention while driving through these dangers areas. Drivers are often texting and driving, intoxicated or simply distracted. These negligent driving practices can have fatal consequences.

Drivers are encouraged to reduce their speed and follow these safety tips when driving through construction zones:

  • Merge into the appropriate lane well before any lane closures.
  • Do drive aggressively or get in a hurry.
  • Only change lanes where clearly marked and traffic permits.
  • Drive defensively by expecting the unexpected.
  • Do not follow too closely to the vehicle in front of you.
  • Pay attention to the road and road signs.
  • Do not engage in distracted driving practices like eating, drinking, changing the radio or texting while driving.

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