Four million elderly individuals are estimated to have suffered from physical and psychological abuse or neglect every year in the U.S., many instances occurring in nursing homes.

Finding definitively proving responsibility in a nursing home abuse claim can be difficult to determine. Finding the staff of a nursing home or long-term care facility liable for abusive acts can involve several factors and may require legal guidance that will be crucial to exposing those responsible for harming or neglecting your loved ones.

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Nursing Home Care Requirements

Nursing homes are responsible for providing quality care and service to residents at all times. The residents are entitled to receive services such as:

  • Medical services
  • Hygienic care
  • Proper amounts of food
  • Stable and adequate shelter
  • Assistance from staff members

A failure to provide any of these services could put nursing homes and long-term care facilities at risk for legal liability when accusations of neglect are made over inadequate services.

Nursing homes are ultimately responsible for the actions of its staff as well. Staff members should be well trained and required to pass background checks when hired as employees of nursing home facilities. Nursing homes are responsible for the actions of its employees and can be held liable for any form of abuse or neglect that occurs within the facility. Not sure how to report nursing home abuse? Learn more here.

Third Party Liability

Scenarios can arise that may not have been directly caused by or attributed to a nursing home’s medical staff or practices. In these situations, a third party may be held liable:

  • Visitors causing harm to residents
  • Abuse or neglect committed by outside medical staff
  • Maintenance workers abusing residents
  • Defective medicine or equipment

Although third parties may be found liable for abusive acts against residents, nursing homes still assume at least partial responsibility for failing to prevent or having practices that allowed the abuse to happen.

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