Nursing-home residents across the United States are being robbed by people they know including nursing home bookkeepers, office managers, and people who are managing their expenses and trust funds.

The USA Today has recently conducted an investigation regarding thefts that occur from nursing homes. The investigation concluded that over 100 cases have been documented since 2010, which is mainly due to the fact that the elderly are very easy to steal from.

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These incidents have been occurring across America, no matter the quality of the nursing home, as most states do not have audit requirements. Furthermore, the people in charge of the nursing home inspections are not looking close enough at the books and trust funds, where people are stealing from.

As if this wasn’t enough, most states do not conduct a criminal background check before hiring nursing-home administrators. This means that if someone was convicted of a crime in the past, they could relocate to another state and get the same job at another nursing home.

As the Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood said And you know what I’ve found about embezzlers? They’re gonna do it again

Although officials claim that these types of thefts are rare in the long-term care industry, there are still no controls to prevent fraud from occurring.

In order to prevent this type of fraud from occurring, the loved ones should request and carefully monitor monthly statements from these facilities. It is even advised to request actual receipts for any purchases made for your loved one at the home.

If you have detected any type of fraud, it is possible to get this stolen money back as nursing homes are required to maintain insurance to cover any type of theft.