On this day in auto history, the first Dodge was completed by John and Horace Dodge; the vehicle was named Old Betsy. After completing the vehicle, the brothers took Old Betsy for a test drive throughout the streets of Detroit, Michigan, before shipping the vehicle to a buyer in Tennessee.

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The brothers, John and Horace, began their business as bicycle manufacturers in 1897, only later to enter the booming automotive industry in 1901. They began building engines for Ransom Olds and Henry Ford, among others, until starting the Dodge Brothers Company in 1910, which was the largest parts manufacturing firm in the country.

In 1914, the brothers founded the new Dodge Brothers Motor Car Company, and began working on their complete automotive manufacturing company. These vehicles quickly became known for being a high quality and sturdy vehicle.

By 1919, the Dodge brothers were included as the richest men in America, while completing a 110 room mansion on the Grosse Point waterfront, near Detroit, Michigan. Shortly after, John would fall ill of respiratory problems and pass. In the same year, Horace also passed from chronic lung problems.

After the Dodge brothers death, the company was sold to a New York bank, then later purchased by the Chrysler Corporation. Chrysler would change the company name to Dodge and begin mass producing cars and trucks to be marketed for their ruggedness. Today Dodge continues to produce vehicles for consumers and is well known for its Dodge Challenger, Durango, Dart, Avenger, Charger, Journey, and Grand Caravan.