Every year, an average of 86 people lose their lives in Oklahoma after an accident involving a large truck, thousands more are injured.

At the Edwards Law Firm, our attorneys specialize in large truck accidents, and work to keep you up-to-date on truck accident trends and statistics throughout Oklahoma. Many truck accidents could be easily avoided, and staying informed about the risks and dangers may help keep you and your family safe. If you have been injured in a car accident contact a reputable truck accident lawyer in Tulsa today.

How Common Are Truck Accidents?

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety compiles data every year on all types of motor vehicle accidents throughout the state. For the last year data is available (2013), large truck accidents made up 14.5% of all accident fatalities in the state.

5,182 crashes involving large trucks were reported in 2013, up from 4,876 accidents in 2012. Of these crashes, 90 were fatal, and 679 involved serious injury.

When Are Truck Accidents Most Likely to Occur?

Truck accidents are most likely to occur on a weekday, with Tuesdays being the most dangerous day of all, and Sunday being the safest. In addition, serious collisions occurred most often during the day, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Truck accidents most commonly occur on highways, whether those highways are rural or urban, state or interstate. Approximately 18% of large truck accidents occur on city streets rather than rural roads or highways.

The time of year may also affect your chances of getting in a large truck accident. While winter weather may make driving more hazardous, statistically summer months have more truck accidents than January and February.

What Other Factors Contribute to Truck Accidents?

The three greatest contributing factors to large truck accidents in 2013 were improper acts or movements, driver inattention, and unsafe speed.

In 2013, 5,182 collisions involving large trucks were reported in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety defined an improper act or movement as actions like: failing to signal, disregarding a warning signal, improper lane use, improper backing up, fatigue, and failure to properly secure a road.

Not all truck accidents are the fault of the large truck driver; drivers of the passenger vehicle involved in the collision were cited after an accident nearly as often. In comparison to large truck drivers, drivers of passenger vehicles most often failed to yield the right of way to the large truck or were not paying attention.

Finally, in both large truck drivers and passenger car drivers, driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs was a significant contributing factor in many collisions. Twenty-eight large truck drivers and eighty passenger car drivers were reported to be under the influence of alcohol at the time of the collision.

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